The Mill collaborated with Bungie on an epic cinematic launch trailer series for ‘Destiny 2: The Witch Queen’ 
Destiny 2: The Witch Queen          
Reveal Trailer
Client: Bungie
Direction: Ilya V. Abulkhanov

The broad intent was to make everything seem surreal, somewhat ‘alive’, beautiful and strange. In regards to the swamp environment itself, it was an attempt to depict something both claustrophobic and vast, ambiguously real and somewhat mystical/unreal at the same time.

Accordingly, Savathûn manipulates what the Guardians find themselves navigating through. Elsewhere, Ikora is attempting to decipher gathered data to get a glimpse of what’s coming. All in all, the Guardians are attempting to detect the unknown, only to be struck back, by the awaken force unleashed upon them by Savathûn, the Witch Queen. ︎

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